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Our duty is your happy healthy home!

Happy Healthy Home


Ontario Building Monitor was developed to educate and assist new homeowners in Ontario with their warranty process. Purchasing a new home is one of the biggest investments a person can make, yet most people are not aware of their rights with respect to warranty coverage. Many people unsuccessfully submit their Tarion warranty forms as a result and unfortunately end up having to hire a contractor when they could have had a builder representative handle the deficiencies for them. We are here to contribute to the new future of the building industry. You have a right to a happy healthy home!

Our Mission

Educating New Homeowners

Our Vision

To make a positive impact between new homeowners and builders. We believe that by educating new homeowners about the warranty process, this will help restore their faith in the building industry and they will feel peace of mind knowing they are taken care of. Our vision is to be the peacekeeper that brings new homeowners and builders together creating a win-win experience for both parties.

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