Builder Deficiencies

Below you can view some images of deficiencies we have found during our OBM Album service. Finding deficiencies during the construction of your new home is important as it allows your Builder to rectify the issue the right way and in most cases at a much lower cost. Once your home is completed, there are times that the proper repair is not possible without causing much greater damage. This could result in the Builder taking shortcuts once it gets to their Customer Service Department.

Rear Deck not level - incorrect slope

Improper cut for garage man door - exterior view 

Improper cut for garage man door - interior view

Basement window installed off square

Trough damaged

Aluminum column not centered on stone column

Poor brickwork cuts above soldier course

Patio door frame separated

Caulking missing around gas pipe and bottom of dryer vent

Caulking missing at top of fireplace vent

Potlights installed too close to coffered ceiling

Foundation corner damaged

Why we keep giving our best!

We are completely humbled by the feedback we receive from our clients. It is the great comments we receive like the ones below that keeps us giving our best every time, no exception. After all, you deserve it!

A Happy Client Says:


Words can't describe how happy my husband and I are. The service that OBM provides is second to none! They were so thorough in documenting all our deficiencies and we're so relieved we didn't have to fill out the Tarion forms. We'll be sure to let eveyone we know who purchases a new home about your services. Thanks again!
~ S. Khan
We purchased a new home from a very large builder in the GTA in an estate community north of the city.  After a few incidents with the site super and the vice president of construction, we had basically lost trust in the builder and we wanted to make sure that we were going to get a properly built home.  I called around to the traditional home inspection companies, but none would provide a report on everything including proper finishes.  They all seemed to only focus on major structural components of the home.  Lucky for me someone in my development was smart enough to hire OBM, so I received a flyer in my door.  I had never heard of this company before, but it seemed too good to be true.  I called and after speaking to Albert for a few minutes, I was confident in his knowledge and expertise so I hired him to do a 30-day TARION inspection on my new home.  Several hours later and 200+ items later, I had my Tarion 30-day form completed and submitted to Tarion.  Albert found so many things I would never have found on my own.  He took the stress off a very stressful situation.  It was the best money I have ever spent on my home to date.  I would recommend OBM 100%.  Don't try to do this on your own.  It will drive you insane.  Have an expert do it.  Thanks Albert!
~ John P
We received our OBM Album CD's and... WOW! They were incredibly thorough. It took us hours to view all of the photographs.  Thank you so much for the photo album of the construction of our home. The information on those discs is invaluable to us. Not only will it aid us with future maintenance but it documents the construction of our first home in a way we never could have. It's definitely a service I would recommend to anyone we know buying a new home. Thanks again!
~ A. Holmes
We were extremely impressed with the professionalism and experience that Ontario Building Monitor provided during our warranty process. They really made us feel that they care about their clients. We would recommend their service to anyone buying a new home.
~ C MacDonald
Thank you so much for your great service and care with our new home. You have saved us from potentially spending thousands to hire a contractor to complete warranty repairs had you not been here to include them in our Year-End Form.
~ R. Taylor
I am so grateful I came across your website! I was looking for more than a home inspector for my new home. I wanted to find someone that understood the warranty process and is familiar with typical Builder deficiencies and knows how to fill our the warranty forms. After you completed my 30-Day Review, I knew I had made the right desicsion!
~ T. Kelly
Once again, thank you for being so thorough and your attention to detail in my home. It is much appreciated by my whole family.
~ R. Eaton
Thank you for all your help with my warranty. I feel safe in knowing I will be taken care of!
~ T. Brooks